Gerd Ortner Advertising

Good ideas have a home.


Who stops getting better, has stopped being good.

Our logo’s graphic design is a purist expression of our trade ethics. Continual improvement and high demands on our performances determine our actions.

The clear and geometrical shape of the square as a distinctive mark symbolizes our holistic and pragmatic orientation.

The sequence of the blue lines in our quadratic figurative mark shows that we create a great whole for our clients’ benefit by linking a multitude of factors like inventiveness, creativity, professionalism, experience, conceptual intelligence, goal- and success oriented behaviour and the pragmatism already mentioned before.

For years, many of our clients and suppliers are calling us “gow”, standing for the abbreviation of our company name. Therefore, these letters complement our new distinctive mark and thereby lending it dynamism because a dynamical and entrepreneurial basic attitude has been influencing our orientation since our inception in 1994.

We develop our ideas in-house in Neumarkt / Upper Palatinate. Here, located in the heart of Bavaria, we serve customers from all over Bavaria and throughout Germany. So that’s the reason why our claim is: Good ideas have a home!